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Real Estate Investors – How to select a Tenant Screening Company!

Q. Who has the cheapest price when it comes to screening tenants? A. Is this the right question to ask if you are trying to move a tenant/buyer into your valuable investment property? Q. When it comes to saving money does the amount you spend on a particular service matter? A.Consider the cost of saving $20 - $60 on an inferior screening process. Consider, how much damage can a tenant do to your property? What are the ramifications if your tenant/buyer does not execute the purchase end of their contract due to insufficient income or too heavy of a debt load? How much does it cost to defend yourself in court, especially if sued under Dodd-Frank legislation for your tenant buyer not qualifying or conforming to debt-to-income ratio criteria?

Ron Legrand has the best interest of his students in mind when he suggested the formation of The company understands Dodd-Frank’s broad reaching legislation and in accordance with the laws, sets Real Estate Investors and Tenant/Buyers up for success. The two main components to compliance of Dodd-Frank legislation are a documented debt-to-income ratio analysis and an assessment of credit worthiness. In addition, not anyone can perform these evaluations; a qualified, independent third party must address these components. All documentation must show evaluations performed prior to signing or re-signing of a lease-option purchase agreement.

Debt-to-income ratios are more complex than most Real Estate Investors realize. The ratios themselves are simple 28% front end (housing payment) and 43% back end (the new housing payment plus all debts on the credit report). Understanding the intricacies of debt alone, as viewed by an underwriter, can be very complex. Did you know automobile payments made by a self-employed individual through his company (by check) for more than a year would allow an underwriter to ignore that payment when considering his debt load? Calculating income can also be a challenge. All income on a paystub is considered, taxes paid are part of income, cafeteria plans have nothing to do with food and are part of income, there is a minimum time on a job based upon profession which is required to use as income, social security can be grossed up, unemployment income cannot be used, etc…

The debt-to-income ratio analysis (see below for sample) by takes current underwriting guidelines into consideration and combines it with theprojected housing payment then calculates if for a future date such as 18 months from now. It allows for fluctuation based upon interest rates historical data and within a reasonable tolerance, projects likelihood of eligibility. The debt-to-income ratio analysis is a very important part of your closing documents. It should be signed by the tenant-buyer with a statement he/she/they will not assume any new debts. This helps to ensure the tenant-buyer can afford the payments both now and in the future when they apply for their mortgage while keeping you in compliance!

​Credit worthiness is far more complex and beyond the scope of this article. When you engage with they have credit experts who offer their assessment in writing and a plan of action to position your tenant-buyer to have a score, which can be mortgage acceptable by the closing date.

An addendum to the lease-option contract (see below for sample) can be drafted to specify tenant-buyer engage, complete a credit enhancement program with as well as follow their instructions including but not limited to building new credit. This addendum is also a protection device implying if the tenant-buyer strays from the program then… write in your terms providing they are reasonable

With a promotional code, the tenant-buyer receives a $198 discount as well as, Real Estate Investors are granted on-line access to his/her/their real-time results. This is especially useful if there is private party money involved since they can see how the plan for home ownership is progressing with very little intervention on the part of the real estate investor. For a free promotional code and/or to begin using or visit the websites or call today at 412 242-2733.